11.10.2016 г.

About Me

Hello, everyone,

I created these courses in the distant year 2006, before I trained people only in companies and private individuals. After 2006, I have the courage to do public courses even to hundreds and thousands of people. Specifically, these include people with whom I have worked, and are now, for example, directors of printing companies or manufacturing managers, marketing managers, or just people who have created their own successful business around the world and in Bulgaria, from which we can learn. I have also taught in English and French abroad, and some time ago also in Dutch. The reason I create these courses is my desire for people not to suffer like me on companies if they do not have enough experience. This is often the reason why some companies do not pay regularly or treat people with disparagement.

I continued to do courses because of the many positive people I trained, seeing their success, I think my work here makes sense. Site comments and recommendations are not all trained, but everyone has been free to write what they want. Thanks for the good attitude of all I have learned and I wish them only success and a steady wind!

I have worked with more than 20 printers only in Sofia, those outside the country and in the country I can not count them (although INFOPRESS in Romania is not forgiving because it is like a small town :))). I have worked in more than 20 newspapers on the first reading - Monitor, Politics, Who, Traveler, Wrestler, Shaw, Shock, Weekend, Counter, Over 55, Doctor, Class, Business News, Business Forum, Top Sports, others. I have worked in over 20 magazines like ELLE, Tourism and Recreation, Shrek, Handicraft, Artists. A number of books and encyclopedias are part of my experience like - Graphic Communication Today, The McGrow Hill Pathophysiology and many others. Advertising agencies and publishers are also hard to count on, but at first they are: Tihaven, Press Design, Happy Art, Siesta, Duo Design, Ava Art, Daniela Ubenova Publishing House, Cambridge Center and many others such as Antoni Advertising in Tarnovo.
For 10 years I worked as a marketing manager. I have a solid experience with Project management, Brand management, Marketing management, Event management, real 11 years, but 10 have been documented. I have been in contact with banks, state institutions, embassies, international companies, whatever. I have worked on European projects. My favorite part of all this is Digital Marketing and Branding, in particular positioning new products on new markets and organic brand promotion! (Push & Pull)
I work with more than 40 programs: All of Adobe, including Digital Suite, All of Corel, along with Camtasia, 3D Studio Max, Maya, TileBox, Cinema 4D. Archicad and a little Autocad and many others for PC, Mac, and Linux. Not to mention a number of free programs (which you can see here).
I also do photography. I work with all kinds of machines - all kinds of cameras, cameras, lights, all types of printing machines, all types of printing, engraving and others. I know most processes in creating packaging products, both for the food industry and for mass use.
I also work on EU projects. I have sold - Cars, Advertising, Electric cars, Software, Travel packages, Real estate, Jewelery, hand made and more.
My project Horseshoes for Happiness, I stopped it when I realized that the hooks hurt them by rubbing them. I have sent links to some horse bases to learn to use the new horses' shoes, but they will not. So there will not be souvenirs from horseshoes.
Since I sell quite well, at the moment, in my spare time, I also deal with the properties in Rondo Consult Bulgaria.

I come to train cadres who want to upgrade their skills to get up in business. People who want to emigrate are increasingly coming. As well as those who want to create their own business or develop the current one.

This is the purpose of the courses. To help you get the knowledge done, instead of working like me for 15 years, because nobody gives their bread easily. The courses are mostly at night and on weekends.

I can also work with Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and my own store, and Create Space if someone wants to sell something online. I am only starting in the autumn of 2017 to start my own shop, helping others alike.

Thank you for your attention!
Panayot Shilkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
e-mail: kurspodizain@gmail.com
e-mail: pamaiot.panaiot@gmail.com
00 359 893 688 910

P.S. I am currently making a new site with a beautiful design. The new site will have online lessons written in English, French and Spanish. Probably within a month I'll be ready. (till the end of November 2017)