1.07.2015 г.


Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the most sought after courses in design and advertising. Here you can find information about all active courses. In the "Full course" you will find information on the most sought after course in design. All the necessary knowledge and skills you can learn it. Do not be fooled by the low prices, the courses are not just walk to our office, but really learning! You can find active program, as well as photos and testimonials from learners.

Thank you for your attention and wish you success!

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Other courses you can fond here:

- SEO Optimization
- Create a Personal Electronic cloud in the country, region and branch optional
- Course for packaging production
- Course in fashion design and product photography
- Creation of creative fashion photo shoot - outdoor & studio
- Retouching for fashion magazine
- Course work in an advertising agency
- Course to create a Corporate Identity (Brand manual, Logo, Copyright)
- Course work in printing
- Web design - includes work with Photoshop, basic knowledge of HTML, attachments from social networks, basic knowledge of Web page maker, Wordpress and Joomla (Magento and OsCommerce optional)
- Course for processing video and audio. Videography and video editing. Clipping, subtitles and effects - includes work with a video camera, Camtasia, Cinema 4D, After effects, Maya, Premiere, Photoshop, (optional: Tittle box)
- Course work in a magazine or newspaper
- Course for the production of books in publishing
- Course for future teachers of visual communications
- Course work with Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts
- Course in market research
- Course on creating a marketing plan
- Course of the History of the Book and Letter
- Course motivation