26.04.2012 г.

More information about course design and advertising

Dear colleagues,

Due to the many inquiries we feel obliged to describe in detail what you can get in our complex course design.

Although not always willing encountering first blog, but more often on the phone, it is still better described what exactly makes this course. The program has it here on the blog, but the notes are important to us all. With disdain for the whole science of marketing, where all minds and marketing guru advise how should only be extolling the product or service, we are of the opinion that we should actually says what happens at the completion of this two-month course.

So so. The full complexity or even course design has no status of university. In Bulgaria, according to our information there are few schools where you can train in this profession and get seritfikat in the form of a diploma. There are several training centers which can obtain documents as part of the profession. The other model is to teach and parts of the possibilities of publishing programs or individual programs.

But let me share with you what is different this course.
The full course design allows for training not only to the opportunities offered by the programs, but also in the subtleties of work. In the course of the work we found that it is better to learn any software separately. .
After receiving your avtobiotrafiya made a brief meeting for general familiarization with the course. We do a demonstration lesson in one hour that you evaluate whether this is for you. In case you still doubt you can visit the lesson in a group that currently teaches. At the start of the course to complete a registration form which simply entering two names, phone others for marketing purposes. Make a calendar of classes to know who, when it will come.
Short exposé and visual materials - magazines, all promotional materials and other printed and video materials are the things that run the course. We present to you all kinds of media that will study and begin work. Usually take 2 hours
together before we give you rest. The idea is to share their interests in graphic design to make a decision where you should start. The course has a program and it follows as described on the website.
As children, but as more adults all love to draw or to model, so start with Photoshop. We study all the tools, themes and features of the program. The study of any software it with exercise and repetition of actions.
The most important thing is that the programs are taught complex. Once a certain volume of material Photoshop, begin parallel work with Photoshop and Indizayn. Gradually add them and Illustrator, Korea and others. The concept of comprehensive teaching material for all these programs itself is pretty brave. I do not know of another similar course. Therefore, it is mandatory to have advance knowledge and experience with computers, internet, email and other IT stuff. Complex work with all programs aims to help you decide in what area you specialize - outside
advertising, souvenir advertising, magazines, newspapers, web design, or just frameworks were. Students learn most types of printing and the requirements for them all. We work exercises to create packages and actually learn to create such of your choice. In any case, learn how to create forms for printing rotation, squat and conversion. Mandatory learn the science of color metameriya, blackbody, Pantone, partial and complete painting and color management with various appliances and proofing. For fun learning how to create banners, vector images of people, for example, on-line presentation automatically process hundreds of images in certain criterion hint photography and working with formats like .NEF and .RAW, creating scripts, fonts, generate QR codes, barcodes and more.

What you should know about the concentration of knowledge and skills After completing the course, as well as opportunities after him?
1. need to know that we can learn what we know at the moment. So we want to learn from you. All ideas and suggestions are welcome. Even mandatory - to exercise initiative and give suggestions!
2. This course will make you ninjas in graphic design. What we have in mind: suddenly are super fast in what you do with the programs. The speed is made by working on various projects with at least 5-6 months work. Have patience with yourself
and to the media that you create. We always say - when you sit behind a computer most important is calmness and inner confidence. In working with so many exercises in the course will really gain confidence in making the media of the erazlichno nature.
3. Do not carry your water, coffee and tea because there is. :) Currently the courses are held in four rooms, which rent for 6 years.
4. issued a certificate of course completion, which will burden certificate profession. For now!
5.for all completed the course organized various free workshops, seminars and others with business people - executives from various companies associated with visual communication and advertising, professors, photographers and artists.
6. organizing various entertainment.
7. You may contribute to the creation of your portfolio. How it works: After completing your offer to work for a famous or good company that allows projects to work on-line, without you pay the first month. So you will be able to create your real portfolio.
8. attend printing, advertising studio and publisher of books (not intentionally say where :)) when they meet more people, usually this happens 3-4 times a year to all graduates. A place familiar with the machines print requirements and more. There should ask questions and stand out because it creates an impression.
9. reserve with all contact and friendly relations! Anyone who complete the course and find a problem in their work, you can always call to meet to iron out the problem. We maintain constant contact with all e-mail, so that during the day you can assist and online.


This is all that now we can learn. Unfortunately, there are only 2 to 8 places every 2 months as to keep the quality of training. It is expected that certification course in international program as well as the National Agency for acquiring profession. So far only issued certificate.

This text did not work exactly as advertising the course, but in this case it is important to have a realistic idea of ​​what is taught!

Good luck to you all and thank you for your attention!