20.01.2008 г.

Second level - To be Professional Designer

Second level 
To be Professional Designer
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Second level is for:
- Students completed the Full course
- or people with experience in Graphic Design

  Incorporates a wealth of information for:
- Assistance portfolio;
- Working with effects;
- Construction and management of a variety of media products;
- Quality management;
- Corporate identity and branding;
- Work with the latest trends in the design of printed materials;
- Creation of media and management of the design;
- Creation of newspaper and magazine;
- Create a book;
- Create a box. What is the package. Working with packages. Theoretical and practical for making any boxes and many packages;
- Creation of corporate identity;
- Create a design for the website;
- Create presentation. Video and audio;
- Working with layers and management of their interaction;
- Create a logo;
- Modern design concepts;
- Free software design - a brief overview;
- Color and shape;
- Typography. Quality management.
- Manage color. Equipment and techniques;
- Other supporting free programs
- History of the book - a brief overview;
- History of the font - a detailed overview;
- Marketing or how to find customers;
- Create a personal electronic cloud in private system developed especially for the second level of the course - Upgrading course;