16.01.2008 г.

Policy of teaching

More and more schools and universities are accepted as a place of learning through "torture". Learners feel oppressed by the system, which artificially divides the groups, streams, age, beauty and whatnot. Obviously something is very wrong with the conventional education system. Nowadays, more than ever, we need a different education than in university. We need good, positive learning environment filled with peace and good attitude. Full course design offers an individual approach to training, learning fun and good attitude.

Basic principles of the way of instruction:
1. Respect for individual learners;
2. Compliance with the principle of kindness and friendly relations, which guarantees no stress; (Love)
3. Freedom of expression;
4. Principle of constant positive attitude cheerfully awaiting the permanent success (Miracle);
5. Presentation of each function as part of all knowledge and all knowledge as a collection of small functions;
6. The large volume of information creates educational background, in which students are immersed. Environment itself helps educate students;
7. The principle of feedback - the moment when teachers begin to learn new things from students;
8. Principle of clarity, transparency, accuracy, knowledge. Better not to teach something that is not known;
9. The principle of keeping in touch with each student in order to help him in case of need.

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