16.01.2008 г.

Individual education

Choosing an individual form of training you to set your own program in graphic design. You can choose to study only bitmap, vector graphics only, creating effects, or even just studying prepress and paging.

You decide what are the priority classes. In terms of the complex course in graphic design, the individual form of training is best suited for people with a high degree of motivation and purpose.

Indeed, group work allows to exchange ideas with the team in the group and visit in printing and advertising studio. But in every case, group work does not allow for individual approach.

Individual classes are the most direct way to quickly and permanently learn the material. Minimum and direction of knowledge define yourself. You can specialize in specific areas: fashion design, packaging design, design for printing and advertising agency and others.

The price is $50  per lesson - 45 minutes,  payable in Paypal. Usually conducted individual sessions of 10 to 16 hours. Ask about free classes and discounts for prepayment. Welcome Coffee or tea for your first lesson in design