16.01.2008 г.

About me

Compassion and love are the only way!" Be good, put weapons even in thought and serve one another! The power goes along with responsibility, and the greater your strength, the more we serve, otherwise time will be absorbed, destroyed life and forgotten!
Transparency is the first place I think, when the product or service. In this case, I offer my knowledge in visual communication and design, so I think these few lines are important. Graphic design is a profession as old as the world. With the advent of new technologies creating media becomes entertainment. Not having to leather or parchment to write on paper, but quite easy print. Working with colors not just another way to dirty because the color of the objects is faster computer. We should not ignore the skills of the artists. On the contrary, anyone who had contact with the Drawing, Marketing or book knowledge is a step forward from other designers. Of course all this can make up or learn if a person has the necessary motivation and patience. For the past 15 years has acquired the necessary patience with yourself about the things that I do not know. I learned to teach himself to the "new" with a relaxed attitude to what I do not know and with the same positive attitude convey my knowledge to students for seven years in these courses. Certainly not everyone can be trained. Needed practical experience with computer, Internet and office suite to be for your training easier. In my career in a number of publishers, advertising agencies, printers and others, I went to many schools and serious tension, which saves you record these courses. Naturally my education in publishing, printing and marketing is also a factor.
Very often, and sometimes I have said, you will meet business people who will try to convince you that you are unable or at least not as capable as them. These are some "lying" and "staid" art directors or bad rulers. Do not let anyone trample you. Your contract with any is bilateral. If not executed keep your rights.
The best way to be a designer is to create your businesses and seek customers. There are several lawyers and doctors who make their promotional materials in my students.
Common between all of us is the desire to succeed. My aim is not to do a university or foundation. I do not even teach more than 2-8 people in every two months. Even try to accept a small number of training to be able to give them more attention. In connection with these courses, my desire is to be most useful to you, my students! So I try to keep in touch with you, because for me Your Success is my main prize. Aside from wages, it is fixed. In this case, the best payment to me is your success - the success of my students!